Digital Illustration & Typography, 2016


Fort Pierce, FL has a couple of graffiti artists that use stickers to tag areas of the city instead of using paint. They don’t want to damage property, but they want to make a statement. These artists use the seven deadly sins as their tags, and if you’ve ever seen one, you’d immediately recognize it.

One night I was introduced to one of these artists, one that uses LUST for his tag. After some interesting conversation, he inspired me to create a tag of my own using one of the other sins; ENVY was already taken. The challenge was inspiring, not just from a visual point of view, but from a personal point of view. Of all the sins, those particular seven that are the extremist roots of our lesser nature, which one am I most guilty of committing?

What I discovered about myself was perhaps as enlightening as the process of creating a typographic illustration that conveyed both a visual representation of the word and the word itself in plain sight, disguised as fur.

And so, WRATH, the red-raging bear, was born.