TC Patriots Logo with white outline featured on a red tinted image of the Patriots tackling an opposing team player.

Letter Mark Logo Design, 2022
Treasure Coast Patriots, ACYAA

In February 2022, I worked with a local youth football team to develop a new logo that makes them standout on the field. The developed logo is strong, bold, vibrant, and will definitely make the team standout in their association. Congratulations on your new look, Patriots!

Undisputed 2021 Champions

The Treasure Coast Patriots are one of 10 youth football leagues in the Atlantic Coast Youth Athletic Association. In 2021-22, they claimed the 11u PSI Pinnacle National Championship, a huge achievement for the team and our local sports enthusiasts. Teams that compete in the tournament are exposed to more than 30 million sports fans worldwide thanks to Prospects by Sports Illustrated, the organizer of the tournament.

National Champions Deserve A Standout Identity

Although I honestly know little about the licensing use for sports logos, it’s not uncommon for youth teams to use official logos of major league teams. I’ve never really understood this, being that I was never involved in sports as a kid, teen, or adult, but I did observe this when attending games of cousins and friends.

Roderick Huggins, a parent of one of the players, wanted to reward the team for their win. The Treasure Coast Patriots were using the New England Patriots team logo and secondary mark for their identity, but Rod wanted to see some representation of the Treasure Coast on the uniforms instead of the “NE” letter mark that was often used and stood for “New England”. Since Rod had seen my Spirited Otters Mascot posts, he thought I’d be a good match for the job. With the coach’s permission, Rod contacted me and relayed what he was seeking.

TC vs. TCP vs. TC Patriots

TC Patriots, full-color logo

Initially, Rod was seeking just a “TC” to replace the “NE” letter mark, but he later decided that “TCP” might be better. After conceptualizing some ideas, I leaned towards “TC Patriots”. The “TC” letter mark was more bold and prominent in the same size dimensions as “TCP”. Also, “TCP” tended to look better in a vertical mark with the fonts that we chose to work with for this project – that additonal “P” letter made it unsatisfyingly taller. After some examples and explanation, I won Rod over to “TC Patriots”.

TC Patriots Logo Analysis

Originally, the “TC” logo was requested to mimic the “NE” secondary letter mark. However, after a few attempts, I found that the flag symbol didn’t read well on a “T”. So, I developed a new graphic style for the “TC” letter mark. A brightened navy blue, letter highlights, and the incorporation of the colors red/white, and a star were embedded into the design. The waving flag detail that followed the star in the “NE” letter mark transformed into a trail of star dust in the new logo design.

Additionally, the “NE” letter mark features a downward motion of the star and flag detail, which I shifted to an upward motion, presenting a more positive meaning.

The slogan, “Always Believe and Never Give Up!” was also requested to be incorporated into the design. Visually, this is represented by the star’s motion and color break in the design.

A vibrant star beams across the large, dark “TC” letters leaving a trail of red in its wake. This represents the act of believing in oneself, against the overwhelming odds. The residual star dust is hope, left in the wake of one’s actions committed with great fervor.

Nolli The creator

TC Patriots Logo Identity Guide

TC Patriots logo identity guide.

As with all my logo designs, I include a spec sheet and guide to help my clients decide appropriate use of their logo. Colors, fonts, background images, and any additional situations I believe they may encounter or considerations that have been communicated are detailed in this sheet. I typically keep this to 1-sheet for ease of use for my clients.

Go, Patriots!

TC Patriots full color logo with slogan.

I had a lot of fun with this project. Best of all, the outcome greatly inspired the coach, energizing him to get involved in the development process. There’s no greater feeling for me as a designer than to create something that inspires someone else. Period.

TC Patriots Testimonial

TC Patriots Facebook post.

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