NUKE 101
Motion Graphics & Videography

Indian River State College, 2017

During Summer 2017, I had to take a motion graphics course for my Graphic Design BAS degree which included learning and use of the program NUKE for digital video compositing. This was my first time using the program or any node based program at all for that matter.

The program itself wasn’t so difficult to use, except for all the steps it took to import and export videos. What I truly learned from the class experience is that I don’t want to work in video compositing and that nearly everything we see in movies is fake, even when we think it isn’t – it probably is.

The two videos shown here exhibit two of the four projects we had in class. The first one, Panda TSA, my professor told me to use a non-furry animal for. The video I found of this panda was perfect, however, for the concept I was looking to illustrate, so despite using a furry creature and the rotoscoping not being perfect, I received top notch compliments for the concept.

The second video was inspired by HP’s commercial face swap videos which were shown in class to help illustrate the concept of scene grabbing in the program. I used my cousin’s three-year-old son, Legend A. Bishop, for a quick scene shot and post-edit.