Nolli - The Creator Logo

Nolli – the Creator, 2017

Nolli Logo

Digital Illustration, 2017

While in the Digital Media program at Indian River State College, we were asked to constantly reinvent ourselves, our brand and our personal logos. I went through a number of changes to get to where I am now as Nolli.

My style, in the beginning, was very militaristic; using badge shapes, bold colors and five-point star elements. I also had a tendency to use my face a lot because I had a need to be instantly recognized while in the program. As I kept evolving my logo, I took elements from the former ones and reshaped them to fit the evolving design.

The five point star kept reappearing, then what was an abstract color break became a lightning bolt, and the two symbols eventually merged to create the lightning star, or rather the broken star. As I moved away from using my last name as a signature (see ABOUT), I decided to go in a new direction, eliminating the graphic container I’d been using for years and allowing my artistry to break free, at least in namesake.

The Nolli logo utilized symbols that had evolved with me over the years and incorporated a new, more well defined animated style. For a number of years I had been stuck on chartreuse green as a primary or secondary color for my logos, but once I began creating more artwork, I found myself constantly drawn to a certain purple, a certain blue, and chartreuse had evolved into a nearly highlighter yellow.

I refreshed my logo in 2017 with a new color scheme.