Gods & Monsters

Digital Art & Illustration, 2016

The Two Masks of Gods & Monsters

Another of my many personal projects, this was another concept that derived from DayDream and Nightmare. Based, again on the yin-yang symbol, I created two masks to represent the dual nature of light and dark within us.

Gods and Monsters is also inspired by the thespian masks, Comedy and Tragedy. In my piece the light side of our nature, Comedy, is modeled after what we presume God to look like, while the darker side of our nature, Tragedy, is modeled after God’s inverse, a character I call Diogi (D-O-G), and thus is more presumably beastial and savage.

The contrast between the two isn’t just in color, but also in characteristics unique to each mask. The light is curvy and organic, yet geometric and man-made, while the darker half is sharp and rigid, yet more natural in its crystalline-like shapes.