Camp Scene!

Indian River State College, 2017

Summer 2017 at IRSC started off with a course in multimedia video. I had not done any videos in years, so it was a great refresher, and OMG how much has changed since I took a video course.

One of our projects was to create a series of videos. The objective – they must be somehow related to each other. Originally I was going to do a set of three videos that focused on the same theme: Piñatas!, but after a better explanation of the project I found that it wouldn’t work and moved away from my pet project idea – which I will someday revisit.

Manuel Rubio, my fiancé, and his sister, niece, nephew and my little cousin wanted to help me with this project because of the chance that it could be on YouTube – who doesn’t want to be a YouTube star?

So, without any ideas I started recording the kids doing improv to see what came out of it and in the process of watching Manny interact with the kids as they attempted to act, I had a genius idea – a series of videos about a summer camp for inner-city kids that focused on acting, shot as a reality tv series.

Manny and I developed characters for the video that were already similar to the kids’ personalities so that they could move relatively quick and easy through the shoot – that was the plan, anyway. Everyone enjoyed it, and it took about 2 weeks to complete the project from concept to finished video. We shot the series inside Erica and Vicenté Cendeja’s home, which lacked artificial lighting but had great natural lighting. Unfortunately all of our schedules kept conflicting, so there were some shots that required the kids being recorded in the later evening and the video suffered from a lack of light.

For the shoot, I bought a Zoom H4N, for audio, and used my Canon T4i with a Tamron Zoom Lens and Canon 50mm. Adobe Premiere Pro was used for the edits.

Screen credit:
Manuel Rubio
Cathy Rubio
Lupita Cendejas
Michael A. Boatwright
Michael A. Martinez