Hamlet Coin Project Evolution – Salutis!



Hamlet Coin Project: Salutis!

The original five coin-medallion samples that I had created with Pin Source didn’t hold up as well as I had hoped over time. Within 3-months the medallions’ plating had rubbed off along with some text on the back of the medallion. I wasn’t able to wear the medallion myself because it had nickel in it, and I am highly allergic, but three of my nearest and dearest have the coin-medallions still around their necks. It was heartbreaking, but it was also why I ordered samples before paying for a full-scale production. Quality is important.

I tried to correct the issues with Pin Source, but they became unresponsive to messages. Rather than fight and argue with a company that clearly no longer wanted my business, I moved on to seeking out a new manufacturer. I wound up using Custom Made. Their service, communication, and clarity of the process was astounding, and the product I received from them was top notch.

Interestingly, the original design I used with Pin Source could not be replicated with Custom Made. They use software to make a 3D printed version of the piece, and some of what I had designed did not meet their tolerances for printing. So, I redesigned. Then I discovered that the enamel I wanted to use didn’t work for the design, so I redesigned again. This cycle continued until I had created a nearly totally different piece, but the challenges made something even better.

With each redesign, I changed something and gave the piece more meaning and power. Well – more meaning and power to me, anyway. The Shakespearean quote, “To be, or not to be…” was removed from the rim and added to the front center in my own handwriting as a textured background. I removed the original hole and replaced it with a depressed area encompassing the Knights Templar cross. I was inspired by the shape of a coin I found at work, a 50 pence piece, so I took the shape and used it for the new medallion. I added new text in Latin to the outer rim, “De mors de redden das ad angelum meum et noctem”, or “Payable on death to thine angel of the night.” In addition to that, I added the Alpha-Omega letters to the front. On the backside, I put my logo dead center with a sunburst and added in Latin text, “Serentatem Accipere – Mutare Animo – Scire Sapientaim”, or “Serenity to Accept – Courage to Change – Wisdom to Know”.

An illustration of the back and front side of small silver pendant featuring a skull and crossbones.

Original art for back and front side of the pendant.


I believe the results of my labor, and the quality of the piece created by Custom Made speak for themselves. It was my aim to create a meaningful and unique, masculine jewelry piece that would inspire its wearer to consider the weight of their words and actions.

It wasn’t my intention, but it evolved into more of a dark night piece. The “Payable on death…” bit was inspired by an old tradition of leaving a coin on the dead’s mouth to pay the ferryman to take your soul to the other side (folklore). The serenity prayer segments,  are to help someone dealing with a difficult situation. I find that chanting the prayer helps to deal with great emotional stress as it reminds us that we cannot control everything, but we can control somethings and those things are within us. “To be, or not to be…” is a philosophical question about our existence and place in this life. The skull and crossbones, while still highly associated with poison is a reminder of transition. You could consider it a reminder to purge poisonous thoughts, but I consider it a reminder to embrace change, in fact bring it upon yourself – not in the most literal since, but everyday I kill myself a little to become someone better. In some way, I guess this piece is about salvation. We try to fight our demons off and need that fight closer to our heart, and if we live knowing that the end is coming – whether by God, our own hand or another – we should make the best of this life that we can. For ourselves and those around us struggling in the own, same way.

Yes. That’s it. Salutis!

The pendant is made of sterling silver, and features an oxidized texture effect. Each one is manufactured on demand by Custom Made for $375 + plus applicable tax and shipping.

Salutis! Sterling Silver Pendant

Salutis! is the sterling silver pendant I designed with help from Custom Made online. Each pendant is made on-demand, polished by hand, and comes in a beautiful cherry wood box directly from the manufacturer, Custom Made. Wear this pendant as a reminder to embrace the trials and tribulations of life with serenity, courage and wisdom!


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