Deep End

Non-Denominational Words of Inspiration

A Promise to Yahweh

In 2018, I felt urged to create a graphic that would inspire change. Initially, it began as a memento mori subject anchored onto the term, “Heavy End”. A reflective echo of my own mental state, for sure, but I kept feeling a mental tug away from the memento mori subject and towards one of a more religious nature.

As if God demanded that this one be His. That’s not like me.

Once upon a time, I had a Christian-based faith. However, after coming out of the closet and suffering many great losses, I lost my faith in the denomination, but not in God. I do my best to keep a close relationship with Yahweh, though I am no longer Christian. I’m more agnostic by definition, yet my beliefs are more complex than just that.

Anyway, the tug was so strong that I made a promise to complete “Heavy End” with God in mind. Unfortunately, life circumstances stole me away in 2018 and it wasn’t until 2021 that I could pick up on the promise.

Help in the Deep

As the idea was tossed around in my mind, “Heavy End” became too… heavy. Heaviness suggested the weight of the world dropped on someone, as I felt when I made it up. It also coincided with the heavy subject of suicide, a subject I was dealing with as a result of working on the 2018 SLC Lil Feet Boot project. I was pulled into the idea of the Deep End because it leaves room for the shallow to exist.

Early concept for “Heavy End”.

Life is like that, consisting of a range from the shallows to the deep. The Deep End is where we learn the most about ourselves. Often we traverse it on our own, learning about our fears, our hopes, and reflecting on our choices. If we stay in the deep too long, we may lose ourselves though.

We tire of the swim. We sink.

When we reach the bottom, we’ve sunk to our lowest point and are therefore most open to change.

Anchored to Hope

It’s cliche to compare faith to a life preserver, so I won’t. I’ve seen it compared to an anchor too. Also somewhat cliche, right? It’s this big, heavy thing that drops to the bottom of the ocean and keeps the boat where it’s meant to be. We think of faith as that anchor, keeping us grounded, and we think of ourselves as the boats navigating life.

The anchor isn’t for that, and we are not the boats.

That big, golden anchor is divine intervention. Dropped down to the bottom so that you might find it to pull you back up.

God doesn’t deliver us from the deep, he just helps us reach the surface. At the bottom, we are meant to reflect on ourselves, our actions, and our reactions in life; to learn to appreciate what exists in our lives and be reminded of the chance of luck or the draw of loss.

All that to prepare us for what we are blessed with at the surface.


And what do you suppose we find at the surface?

A search party, comprised of people who love us. They may not support us in the way that we want them to. They may not understand us in the way we yearn to be understood. They may not be the ones that we fantasize about missing us. But they’re present, waiting to help us paddle to where we can touch our toes again.

If you reflected on your life right, then you’ll come to understand everything you ever needed was already right in front of you.

In the shallow, we remain shallow. Not until we’ve experienced the deep can we have depth.

The Non-Denominational First Step

Being that I am not particularly loyal to any religious system, I’m planning to use inspiring words from spiritual leaders all around the world to create the Deep End brand. The first words are the “Serenity Prayer“. This prayer originated from the American theologian, Reinhold Niebuhr, but was coined as the “Serenity Prayer” by Alcoholics Anonymous in 1955.

I understand that the prayer itself has roots in Christianity, but the meaning is universal.

The “Serenity Prayer” is an excellent reminder that not all things that happen within this life are under our control. Bad things sometimes happen to good people. How we react or allow those bad things to affect our internal state of being is within our control. The process of realization about these words and their meaning is how we grab onto the anchor when we’re ready to be salvaged.

Support The Effort, søciety6

If you feel moved, then open up to people who make the effort to be present in your life. To everyone else, send them light and send them love, but don’t exhaust yourself seeking happiness in the shallow.

The Deep End is calling.

Support the message and my role in it at my shop on søciety6 and spreadshirt.


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