Cosplay Project: Bone Head

“Black Death” and “56”
Cosplay Fabrication Project, April 2018 – May 2019

Original character designs by Machine56, original story written and comic books published and released by Glitch, Top Cow & Image Comics

It took a little over a year, but we finally completed our costumes! I’m so happy and excited to present them this weekend at Megacon Orlando. This is my first cosplay project, and my first time attending a convention in character costume, ditto for my nephew, Michael.

We struggled through much of the year staying focused on higher priority tasks like fitness, keeping Michael’s grades steady and working on school based projects. The cosplay fabrication was something we did when we had extra time, and it shows just how little extra time we’ve had considering it took over a year to complete with really only two parts of the costume being totally fabricated from scratch.

I have to say, the shoes were the most challenging of the two foam based elements of the costume. We experimented first with Michael’s, then scaled it and refined it on mine, and I know a third set would be all the better as we learned a lot from the first two. Even with all we’ve learned, we’re still experiencing issues with them.

I’ve like to say thank you to everyone that has visited my website in response to this particular project. The Bone Head Helmet Project generates a large number of visits to my site, and I appreciate the comments that are left and purchases that are made for the PDF template.


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