Excerpt from To Be or Not To Be, But Broken.

Well, hello there!

My name is Nolli (nahl-ee).

Er, rather that’s what I like to be called. I consider myself a creator of all sorts of interesting things – hence the website’s name, eh? I am a self-taught mixed media artist, but I earned a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Graphic Design and Visual Communications from Indian River State College in 2017.

I really enjoy a good mystery, a good metaphor, and symbols as clues. Most of my art, even my designs for others, includes a ton of meaning and symbology.

It’s my hope that whatever I create and allow to exist in the universe aids others through their personal journies. This life is hard and for each of us, that struggle is unique and comes in various forms. What I may struggle with today, you may feel is a bump in the road, and yet with what you may struggle with tomorrow, for someone else may be a smooth ride compared to the mountain that lies before them.

Our struggles are unique to our lifestyles, our desires, and the obstacles we perceive to exist in our lives. They are not to be undermined but conquered, and then the experiences shared for the better of all of us still to follow.

Art should raise questions about life, about society, about ourselves. Design should answer those questions, leaving room for new ones to come into existence.

This is my modus operandi. To ask, to answer, and then to ask more – all towards the point of understanding myself, you who exist in this life with me, and what may be beyond our understanding, but within our hearts to feel.

How I came to be called Nolli

Photoshop self-portrait, 2007

My birth name is Maurice M. McMillon, Jr.

I was named after my father (1966 – 2007). I never really liked my name. As I was growing up I came up with all sorts of names that I’d rather have: Joseph, Troy, Sergio, Sid… and I had every intention of changing it when I was able to do so myself, but when my father unexpectedly died in 2007, I felt all sorts of emotions that lead me to one conclusion, I had to keep it… for him.

That didn’t mean that it would be my only identity. I used my last name for most of my artwork starting in 2008; MCMILLON. It was a good strong and bold identity for my artwork… but it lacked an aesthetic I needed; fun, mystery, beauty, and something indescribably old world. In 2015, as I was developing a stronger style and there was a need within me to exhibit artwork, in an effort to still maintain the use of my last name in my artwork, I reversed it.

Illustrator self-portrait 2008


NOLLIMCM was then broken up into two parts, Nolli McM, as if a first and last name. The sound of it is funny, interesting, and evokes emotions in just saying it that I feel are more in alignment with my style of art and design (see NOLLI LOGO).
Henceforth, in the arts community, I became Nolli.

Why All The Fuss Over A Name?

Identities Are Important

Hundreds of thousands of books, movies, and songs are written and performed about finding ourselves. Our identities and how we define ourselves are an important part of being human. We categorize and name nearly everything we encounter.

I treat my design projects with as much enthusiasm and belief that identity matters as I do my own self-discovery. I tend to focus much of my work on LGBTQIA+, mental health, and spiritual well-being; however, I serve all communities, organizations, and small businesses on the Treasure Coast and beyond. It’s my greatest pleasure to help others secure an identity that befits them; helping others with self-discovery is a part of my life’s purpose.

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