A Soul’s Quest Podcast | S2 E35/36 Part 1 & 2

About A Soul’s Quest

Directly from www.asoulsquest.com: “A Soul’s Quest is designed to help all individuals learn to live a better life by placing an emphasis on a more organic way of experiencing it. Since the rise of civilizations (groups, and communities), the ideas and cultural norms necessary to maintain those societies have been chipping away at our experiences of being and feeling alive. Although we have benefited from advancements in our ways of thinking and technology, deep in our souls we all know we are being cheated.

Our concern is singular – how are you going to experience life, with all its randomness and uncertainty, and still live a human existence. In order to assist, we share our ideas and that of others, through shared stories and many mediums so that you can decide what is best for you.

We hope you join us on this quest for the collective but primarily for you, the INDIVIDUAL SOUL.”

A Soul’s Quest Podcast X Nolli

Jessie and Omar Ferreira, the married couple team behind A Soul’s Quest Podcast, are bringing the stories of individuals to light in an effort to discuss, understand and reflect upon our journeys in this life. In 2021, I was asked to be one of those individual soul contributors and reveal my own past on air. It was an eye opening experience as I began to realize that my raising had as much to do with positioning my mindset for an intolerable world as it was being brought up to accept differences between myself and others.

We recorded the podcast in October 2021, just as I began volunteering for the Treasure Coast International Film, Music, & Art Festival (Give It Your Best: Part 1, Part 2, & Part 3). During the same time, I appeared on the Brooklyn Cafe TV Show and BrainFlow Radio – each for different reasons. Honestly, I was a little overwhelmed with all the media appearances. I’m not really fond of being in the spotlight, I’m completely a behind the scenes kind of person. Despite this, I was very comfortable speaking with Jessie and Omar about my life. Their questions and guidance through the deep reflection process was essential for helping me to regroup my thoughts about my history.

Complicated Family History

In the podcast, I mention my family connections a few times. I thought I’d give you all a roadmap of what that looks like to understand the confusing details of my family. Mind you, this is just my mothers side, and I haven’t listed any of the children born from the fathers with other women in this diagram.

Our family history after the traditionalist generation becomes a spiderweb more than a tree. What becomes clear, at least to me, is that the younger the generation is in having and raising the children in my family, the more likely those children are to find multiple partners and have multiple children. However, the older the generation is raising the children, the less likely the children are to have multiple partners and multiple children.

This probably has to do as much with developmental age of the parent as it does socio-economic status.


  1. Karyn Mur says:

    Love the story. . Keep moving forward. You are great😄😄😄

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